Total Cost of Hiring a Maid in Singapore

Total cost of hiring a maid – Are you looking to hire a maid? Whether you are looking to hire a maid for new parent, or looking to hire a maid for elderly parent, you need to know the total costs of hiring one.

Here is our full breakdown of the cost of hiring a maid in Singapore.

Maid Agency Fees

Fees payable to the maid agency for sourcing, processing and bringing the maid from overseas to Singapore for you.

Between $100 to $2,000

Setting In Program

Cost payable to MOM for setting-in-program that all maids have to attend.

$75 total, paid by employer

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Work Permit Application & Issuance

Cost payable to MOM for work permit paperwork for pass application and pass issuance.

Work permit application – $35
Process, Application
Work permit issuance – $35

Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy

Levy for overseas worker working in Singapore.

For normal maids:
First FDW: $300
Subsequent FDW: $450

For concession grant available maids:

Read more about the levy rates here.

Maid Loan

Paid using the maid’s salary, paid upfront by you.

That means you would not need to pay your maid’s salary for the first X months (see below) once you paid upfront.

Between 4-6 months upfront
Usually between $450 to $650 per month SGD

Security Deposit

Amount MOM requires you to pledge to ensure you do not break any of the MOM regulations for maids.

$5,000 pledged (can be offset by insurance company paying on your behalf for a small fee)

Maid Insurance

Insurance for your maid required by MOM Law.

Basic plans cover death and total permanent disability, but also has comprehensive plans including hospital stays etc.

Starting from $238 for FWD and upwards.

Other cost of hiring a maid not factored in

  • Food costs
    You are required to cover 3 meals a day for your domestic helper
  • Off day salary costs
    If your maid works on her weekly off day, you are required to compensate her as well
  • Medical costs
    All medical costs she undergoes when under your employment will need to be covered as well

Concessions / Grants Available

Currently, there are three categories under the Foreign Domestic Worker levy concessions that allow you to pay the monthly levy of $60 instead of the usual $300.

They are:

  • Young Child/Grandchild Scheme
    If there is a child or grandchild who is a Singapore Citizen, 16 years old or younger and living with you.
  • Aged Person Scheme
    If there is an elderly family member who is a Singapore Citizen, 67 years old and above and living with you. Since 1 Apr 2019, the qualifying age for the aged person scheme will be raised from 65 to 67. This is in light of improving life expectancy and health of Singaporeans.
  • Person With Disabilities (PWD) Scheme
    If there is a person with disabilities who needs help with at least 1 activity of daily living (ADL), such as showering, eating, dressing or getting around. Alternatively, if the disability is not so severe, you can apply for a monthly grant to subsidise the levy cost of the domestic helper.

BONUS Grants

If you hire an FDW to care for a family member who requires permanent assistance with 3 or more ADLs, you may qualify for a monthly grant of $200 under the Home Caregiving Grant.

From 1 Oct 2019, the Home Caregiving Grant ($200) will be available for families who need to hire a maid for caregiving services.

In order to qualify, families need to go through a means test.

Recipients must be either Singaporean citizen or PRs and live in Singapore.

Additionally, the household income per person is $2,800 or less and the annual value of property for household without income is $13,000 or less. A family member must been permanent help with 3 or more ADLs.

Say you are hiring a maid for caregiving services at $600. You pay a decreased levy at $60 and get a cash payout of $200 to defray costs. This means you pay an affordable $460 per month for a domestic helper (other one-time costs apply).

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