NOW REVEALED: The best kept industry secrets your maid agency don’t want you to know.
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Ever found yourself stuck with an ill mannered, lazy, untrained maid, wondering how you landed yourself in this position?

Sadly, many Singapore maid employers find themselves in this EXACT situation.

What’s worse, many feel trapped, held ransom by agencies withholding their refunds, forcing them to take yet ANOTHER replacement maid.

> Rude maids…
> Lazy maids…
> Violent and abusive maids that beat their elderly or children when nobody’s looking…
> Maids that run away…sometimes with your money / valuables…

We have heard too many horror stories to stand it any longer…that’s why TODAY, we are letting the cat out of the bag and exposing ALL the POWERFUL secrets you NEED TO KNOW as an employer to protect your family’s investment in a maid.

Ready? Read on…

1. Cheap cheap! Shiok shiok! Or Is It….?

Agency fees as low as $200? Or even $0? Sounds too good to be true?

Well, maybe it is!

Agencies that quote you a $200 fee will VERY LIKELY charge you the following as well:

$35 IPA Application Fees
$35 Work Permit Issuance Fees
$75 Settling In Program Fees
$60 Medical Checkup Fees
$200 Plane Ticket
$200 Runner Fees (pick up from airport etc)
$50 Expedite Fees to get maid in “faster”

Don’t believe us? Here’s an ACTUAL pricing sheet from ABC competitor (name removed):

If the math is right, that goes up by $655, bringing your agency fees to a REAL total of $855.

Let’s not even get started with $0 agency fees maid agencies!

 Do you really think any agency will be helping you if they don’t earn anything?

These agencies pile on tons of maid loan to make their commission - typical maids take between 4-6 months of maid loans.

Maids from these agencies take on 8, 9 or even 10 months of maid loans.

Now, imagine yourself in the shoes of your maid…working almost an ENTIRE year, with no off days, no friends in this foreign land, limited handphone access…

Wouldn’t you ALSO quit after 2-3 months?

But don’t worry, I have unlimited free replacements! - you think to yourself

>> That brings us to the second secret:  <<


This will shock you - most agencies are MORE THAN HAPPY to give you replacements. 

In fact, the more replacements you take, the more money they make!

Say what?

Yes you heard right, the more replacements you get from a maid agency, the more you end up paying.

“But they said it’s FREE!” 

Ah…yes….that’s the tricky part you didn’t realise…

FREE replacement refers to the agency fees being free for replacement. But REMEMBER, your fees were only $200! Or even ZERO dollars…


$35 IPA Application Fees

$35 Work Permit Issuance Fees

$75 Settling In Program Fees

$60 Medical Checkup Fees

$200 Plane Ticket

$200 Runner Fees (pick up from airport etc)

$50 Expedite Fees to get maid in “faster”

Sounds familiar?

As much as they say they don’t earn anything from the above…they do. 

They just don’t disclose these to you.

On top of this, NEW INSURANCE for the NEW MAID which ranges between $250-$310 (which the agent ALSO earns a commission from).

Oh, and don’t forget the maid loan top up you are OBLIGATED to pay (if you transfer at end of month 2, pay 2 additional months of maid loan, 4 months of work = 4 months top up for the new maid and so on).

FREE replacements doesn’t sound so free anymore, does it? 

>>  Expect to spend AT LEAST another $600-$1200 per replacement if you change at the 2 month mark, and $1200-$1800 if you change at the 4 month mark

Want to know secrets #3 to #5?

The truth is, some of these industry kept secrets are too sensitive for us to list down on a website…

BUT - we are more than happy to share more of what to AVOID if you enquire / get maids from us. 

From the interview process all the way to maid handover, we pride ourselves on doing things 100% through and through. 

No shortcuts…

No gimmicks…

No hidden costs that are designed to chop you…

And most importantly, no LIES about maid experience and history…

Even if you do not take a maid from us, it is our DUTY to arm you with the knowledge to protect both you and your family from certain maid agency tactics.

Now it’s time to make a choice.

You can either:

a) Close this web page, move on to the next agency and call them out if they try to pass off hidden costs / replacements to you

b) Call us, get a proper RELIABLE MAID and stay TRULY protected

Either way, it’s a win for you. 

Remember, things that appear cheap may not always be, and things that seem expensive ultimately pay off in the long run. 

We hope to connect with you over a call, whatsapp or email soon!

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