Greatly improve your maid’s efficiency by doing these 6 things

Improve maid efficiency – whether you hired a maid through an employment agency, or hired a maid directly to Singapore, improving your maid’s efficiency is definitely a must-have.

1. Have a clear written list of to-dos ironed out

A written list can help both you and your maid have a similar baseline expectation on what is required.

Remember, each list is helpful only if both parties understand it. Download ours here and pass the localised language version to your helper.

  • Burmese
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Tagalog

2. Progressively train maid without overwhelming them

Instead of overwhelming your maid with everything required, try assigning tasks in batches to them instead. You can start progressively by coaching them room-by-room.

Here is a general progression we recommend:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Garden / Outdoors
  • Grocery shopping

Here is our 2 week training program for you to follow.

Also, be sure not to break any of these 7 MOM laws for maids that you may not be aware of.

3. Clearly dictate start times and end times

A clear idea of when she starts and ends her work gives her confidence to give her best during these hours.

Explain when she can use her mobile phone to contact her friends and family – this prevents usage during working hours and also gives her something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Download Our Complete Household Chores Checklist Freebie!

Get instant access to our complete list of more than 350 household chores to run through with your domestic helper.

Also, we highly recommend letting her finish by 9pm to ensure she has enough rest.During her rest period, be sure to give her personal space to wind down, contact friends and family, and reflect on the day.

Nothing should be “off-limits” during her rest period.

4. When going to the market, dictate come-back-by timing

Employers often complain that their maids go missing for extended periods of time when going to the market. This is often due to miscommunication between employer and helper and can be easily addressed.

Here’s how to solve it – give clear instructions on where to go and what to buy. At the same time, give reasonable time assigned each task.

Once she is clear on what she needs to purchase, and how long she has for each task, explain what needs to be done and how long it takes.

Lastly, you can get her to explain the timing back to you. This greatly improve maid efficiency.

5. Compliment her when things are done right

Domestic helpers are often scared of doing the wrong thing and getting sent back. Positive reinforcement helps her know she is heading in right direction.

You can try giving her positive encouragement, especially in the first 4 weeks of her employment.

This will help build a strong bond between both yourself and your helper.

Remember, even if task is not performed up to standard, you cab explain the difference and affirm her for trying her best.

This greatly improve maid efficiency.

6. Have monthly check-ins

Just like at the workplace, having monthly check-ins help your maid to know where she is standing in terms of performance.

For example, during the monthly check-ins, consider doing the following:

Review performance – How is she doing regarding assigned tasks? Which are the ones that are not done correctly / not up to standard? How can she improve?

Review motivation – How is she feeling regarding her emotions and motivation? Is she feeling homesick? How is she coping with these emotions?

Review challenges / difficulties faced – What are some challenges or difficulties that she encounters day to day? Is there anything you can do to help solve them?

Remember:at the end of the day, communication is often the gap between good and great performance.

IMPROVE MAID EFFICIENCY BONUS: Show videos on how they can do things better

A picture paints a thousand words. People learn better from seeing. Exponentially increase your maid’s learning curve by showing her videos of tasks done right.

Examples of things to learn online:

folding clothes,
dishes cleaning,
windows cleaning,
toilet bowl cleaning,

Additional videos for maids for new parents:

Making of milk formula,
Calming of baby down,
Carrying a baby properly

Have any questions on any of the above tips on how to improve maid efficiency? Speak to us, and we will be more than happy to answer any of your queries!

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