Forgetful maid? Here’s what to do.

Forgetful maid – isn’t it a headache whenever you assigned tasks to your helper and she conveniently forgets?

Be it defrosting the chicken before you are back, to making breakfast / lunch for work, sometimes forgetfulness can cramp your daily schedule.

Fear not, try our 5easy ways to help your maid succeed.

1. Have a clear checklist written down on what tasks need to be accomplished

Committing to paper is one of the best ways you can get your helper to remember. Nothing beats being able to follow the instructions written down one by one.

By writing every task down, your maid needs to actively needs to cross off the item to mark it as completed.

Review the list of completed items at the end of the day and remind her on anything she may have missed out.

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2. Have a forgotten tasks list

In addition to having a list of to-dos, keep a list of forgotten tasks as well.

This should be a short, segmented list which is placed in the room / area in question.

For example, have a specific list placed in the kitchen so your maid sees it every single time she goes into and out of the kitchen.

Add to this list every-time your forgetful maid misses something. Once she remembers, try taking it off to see if she continues to remember what she has committed to memory.

3. Verbally run through at the start of day the tasks at hand

Give your maid a pen and paper and get her to write down in her own native language what needs to be done today.

It also helps to keep an english copy yourself, either on your smart phone or in a notebook.

When briefing her, ask her to recite the items / to-dos back to you.

After you finish briefing all the tasks, ask her to recap to you what she understands from the tasks. Have her point to each line item and explain the respective to-dos back to you.

By doing this, you reduce the likelihood of language barriers getting in the way of communication by double checking and triple checking her understanding.

4. Use the post-it method

Still not working? You can escalate the solution to the post-it method.

Simply label the to-dos and paste it exactly on the item to be done. For example, if you need the microwave cleaned, write it down on a post-it and paste it on the microwave.

In addition, you can ask your helper to write down the instructions on the same post-it using their native language. This way, she has no way of misunderstanding, and no way of feigning ignorance of this task.

When finishing the task, do not throw the post-it away. Instead, leave the post-it there for verification of task completion once you come back from work.

5. Warn off the consequences if she continues forgetting

Last but not least, warn your forgetful maid on the consequences of continuously forgetting.

You should be able to ascertain by the 2-3rd month whether or not your maid is suitable to your requirements.

Should you find her too forgetful, get a transfer maid and most maid agencies will be refunding you part of your fees or arrange for an exchange of maid as per the contract.

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