7 Unexpected Benefits of Hiring a Maid for New Parents

Hiring maid for new parents – congratulations on having your first kid! Or second (or third)…

Aside from this new bundle of joy, there are also many factors to consider once you become a new parent.

Whether you are still expecting or are in the thick of it, here are some 7 reasons to consider why hiring a maid for new parents is extremely beneficial!

1. Changing Dirty Nappies

Whether it is number 1 or number 2, changing your kid’s dirty diapers is not a fun activity. Although some may argue it is a rite of passage for parents to go through, you can outsource this (or at least part of it) to your helper that is trained to take care of your baby.

That means less interrupted time during TV, meal times and more!

Improve your maid efficiency by following these tips.

2. Answering Your Baby’s Midnight Tantrums

Any new parent knows this – getting a good night’s rest is rare and next to impossible. With a maid, you can share this load not just between 2 responsible parties, but an additional and willing third person as well!

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Let her handle the tantrums and only get up for the real emergencies!

3. Home Chef (Literally)

Most maids come with some form of cooking experience. If not, they are willing to put their hands to the wok and learn a recipe or two to cook for your family.

This means less outside (unhealthy) food, and less Grab food orders! Good on your stomach, and on your wallet!

4. Toy Cleanup Service

For some reason, little kids love to throw their toys all around as a sign of love. Parents like you are often left to clean up the mess of toys, plates, cups and whatever else those little tykes can get their hands on.

Let your helper come to your rescue! No longer are you at the mercy of loose lego bricks on the floor or stepping into puddles of goodness-knows-what.

5. Human Interaction with Your Child

We all know constant interactions with your child is good for their emotional development and social wellbeing. However, most parents do not have the luxury of staying back home 24/7 with your child after the 16 weeks of maternity leave.

Let your helper continuously interact with your child while you are at work, so they don’t fall behind in their emotional and social development!

6. No more infant care / child care fees!

You save on infant care and child care fees! These can range from $1500 and up, costing up to 3x of your maid’s average salary! And you do not get round the clock help that your maid provides!

Guess you got the better end of the deal!

7. Guaranteed on time pickup from kindergarten

Eventually when your child does go off to kindergarten, you have to stress over picking them up on time or risk paying the late penalty to the school.

Many parents end up arguing over who is responsible for picking up their kid, with last minute meetings and overtime work creeping up unexpectedly.

With your maid, you can be sure she is first in line to pick up your kid so he/she can be the first one safely home!

However, be sure to not ask your maid to do additional tasks at the kindergarten. Check out these 7 MOM laws for maids you need to know about.

And there you go, 7 unexpected benefits of having a maid for new parents!

With the average maid’s salary coming in at $500 per month, it is a no-brainer for most parents to make the investment for both their peace-of-mind, and for their kid’s wellbeing.

Enquire today to find out how to get started on hiring your first maid.