7 MOM laws for maids you probably didn’t know about

MOM laws for maids – congratulations! You have successfully hired your maid and things are going well.

Whether you are a new parent hiring a maid for the first time, or hiring a helper for your aged parent, hiring a maid can save you both time and money in the long run.

MOM Laws for Maids

However, did you know that you are responsible to NOT break the MOM laws for maids as a domestic helper employer?

Failure to abide by this rules may result in forfeiting of your security bond, or worse, fines and jail time! Here are some MOM laws that your employment agency may NOT have told you about that you MUST know!

Law #1: Keeping your maid’s phone

Mobile phone usage is a huge problem for your maids. However, do not confiscate / safekeep their mobile phone / personal possessions for them.

This may be deemed to prevent channels of communication for the maid, should they require assistance from their agency or the authorities.

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Do not put yourself in such a position!

Law #2: Keeping your maid’s passport

This is a very little known fact that employers must know. Maids need to have their passports back once the necessary paperwork has been processed and their work permit has been issued.

As much as you are afraid that your maid may run away, you cannot use this method as a deterrence.

Rest assured, even if run away with their passports, they will unlikely be allowed to exit the country any way.

So let the law help you instead of breaking it yourself!

Law #3: Sharing rooms with males

Your maid cannot sleep in the same room as an adult man. This includes any grandfather, male adult or teenager.

If your housing accommodation has any limitation, make sure to highlight this to your employment agency before signing the papers.  

Law #4: 1 rest day per week

Did you know? By MOM regulations, every maid is entitled to one day of rest a week.

Even if your maid agrees to not take off-days, you are still to compensate at least 1 day’s salary is needed if she is required to work.

Learn more about this at MOM’s website here.

Law #5: Working at the registered location

Your maid is not permitted to “help out” at family gatherings or at your relative’s house. She is not allowed to be outsourced to work at your parent’s house either.

Also, remember she is not allowed to help out with your side hustle or e-commerce business by packing items too.

Read more about this here.

Law #6: Paying all their medical fees

Some illnesses are covered under your maid’s insurance that you should have bought, others may not be (e.g. for cold, flu, fever etc).

Be sure to check with your employment agency or insurance provider regarding this.

Remember to make reimbursements for these if your maid went to see a doctor or you may find yourself in trouble should your maid file a complaint to MOM!

Law #7: Keeping a record of all payments to your domestic helper

Every salary payment to your maid should be accompanied by a signature in

writing by both employer and domestic helper.

This ledger will also help MOM settle any claims and protect you in the event of a salary dispute.

Be sure to include the following in the ledger:

  • Name of domestic helper
  • Work permit ID number
  • Name of employer
  • NRIC of employer
  • Start date of employment
  • End date of employment
  • Date for each payment
  • Payment Month
  • Amount paid
  • Employer Signature
  • Helper Signature
  • Witness Name + Signature

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Bonus Law #8: DO NOT deduct any salary for non performance

This is a strict law that MOM takes a serious view on. In the event of poor performance, rather than resorting to deducting your maid’s salary, discuss anything with your employment agency.

Doing so may lead to maid running away which causes more issues and may lead to your forfeiting of the security bond.

Be sure to be clear on your responsibilities also if you are hiring a maid directly without an agency.

Have any questions on any of the above MOM laws for maids? Speak to us and we are more than happy to answer any of your queries!

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